Active Holidays

If you want to spend your holiday more actively we offer you the possibility of organizing and transport in some of the National Parks and historic towns in the area.

Excursions to Primosten

Near Sparadici there are numerous locations that are worth visiting. The closest is Primosten, which is located 10km from Sparadici. Apart from the beautiful old town and the well-known vineyards of Primosten, it has numerous restaurants and cafes. At night you can visit the Aurora nightclub. For more details visit tourist board Primošten.

Visit Sibenik

City of Šibenik is located 15km from Šparadići. Be sure to explore the historic old town centre, numerous city forts and fortress and the cathedral, which was included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage. For more details visit tourist board Šibenik.

National Parks nearby Sparadici

In the region there are also an attractive National Parks that can be visited in organized groups or individually.

Excursion to Kornati

The wonderful Kornati contain more than 100 islands, islets and rocks. Because of its exceptional beauty and bays Kornati have always attracted adventurers, hikers and tourists. For more details visit National Park Kornati.

Excursion to Krka national park

Krka national park is famous for its many lakes and waterfalls. Beauty of the river Krka are a natural phenomenon, and it is best to visit while in its full glory, in the spring and summer. For more details visit Krka national park.

Excursion to Paklenica

If you want to cool off from the summer heat, we suggest the Paklenica national park with its highest peak at 1757m, the largest Croatian rock (Anica kuk 712m), and several caves. For more details visit Paklenica national park.

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